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AQUOSE is a Privately Owned Technology Services company. We believe that our success is fundamentally a result of the quality employees we maintain.  We also believe in rewarding our employees for innovation, productivity and great work ethic.  After all, happy employees make happy clients.


We have a highly progressive outlook and desire our staff to Grow.  In order to stay relevant, we need to be extremely client-centric and on the cutting edge of todays and tomorrows technologies.  We encourage Customer Service as a Top Priority and reward imagination, innovation, risk taking and generally 'Thinking Beyond the Box'.


We understand that a big part of life is what we do for a living and we believe this part of life should be as stimulating, challenging and fun as possible.  We think of our employees as an extended family.


If you would like to create a career with a Progressive, Client Focused company that explores the boundaries of todays technologies and is looking to innovate for tomorrow, please send us your resume.  We are always looking for great people!


Very Competitive Compensation

Result Driven Employee Profit Sharing

Incentives for Innovative Thinking

Health Benefits

Continuing Education Incentives

Progressive Family and Vacation Time


For more information on our Available Positions or to send us your Resume, please email us at: Careers@aquo.se

1 888 748 9606