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ASPs – possible cost savings for specialized supplications

Thin client computing – using an application like Citrix to reduce costs

Outsourcing – network administration and maintenance

Design – A layered approach to design of your network can decrease long-term costs

Planning – implementing applications that can grow with your business can decrease operating expenses


Upgrade to Gigabit Network Interface Cards

Increased RAM memory

Replace switches with faster Gigabit switches

Implement VLANs to segment high-traffic departments

Weekly defrags during off hours (i.e. midnight on Fridays)

Redundant systems – What are they? Do I need them?


Firewalls – many hardware & software solutions

Intrusion Detection Systems – tracking and notification of malicious attacks

Virus Defense – the vast majority of viruses are written for the windows O/S, use Linux for your mission critical servers

VPN – a low-cost alternative to private or leased lines.

Remote Access – implementing a solution while preserving the integrity of your system.

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